"I've always thought that Roe v. Wade was a wrong decision, that

they usurped what had been the law in this country for 200 years,

that it was a matter that should go back to the states."


Fred Thompson is pro-life and says that the legalization of abortion should be determined at the
state level but thinks the authorities can do whatever they want with abortion doctors. He agrees
with the following:
  • Abortions should be legal in all circumstances as long as the procedure is completed within the first trimester of the pregnancy.
  • A woman under the age of 18 should be required to notify a parent or guardian before having an abortion.
  • States should be allowed to impose mandatory waiting periods before abortions are performed.
  • Congress should eliminate federal funding for clinics and medical facilities that provide abortion services.
  • Congress should eliminate abortion services from any federally funded health care plan.
  • Congress should leave legislation on this issue to the states.

"I think Roe v. Wade was bad law and bad medical science. And the way to address that is through good judges. I don't think
the court ought to wake up one day and make new policy for the country. It's contrary to what it's been the past 200 years. That's
what happened in this case. I think it is wrong."